We, Strategic Investigations, undertake that in accepting instructions to carry out surveillance work on your behalf, we will act strictly in accordance with the following code of conduct namely:-

  1. We will conduct enquiries in the most cost effective manner.
  2. We will acknowledge the instructions in writing.
  3. A full report will be provided within 7 working days following date of receipt of instructions to act. If, for reasons beyond our control, a full report is not possible a progress report will be provided within 7 working days following date of receipt of instructions to act.
  4. We undertake not to use any surveillance techniques which include the use of:-
    i) Agent provocateur techniques
    ii) Entrapment
    iii) Any activity which amounts to a material intrusion into the privacy of the subject
    under surveillance
    iv) Harassment
    v) Any unlawful conduct
  5. Subject to the foregoing restrictions, surveillance may include (but shall not be limited to): –
    • The preparation of any plan(s)
    • The preparation of any drawing(s)
    • The taking of any photograph(s)
    • The making of any DVD’s
    • The making of any sound recording(s)
    • Observations of any nature
  6. We will not, at any time, exceed the authority upon which our instructions to act are founded.
  7. All information which comes into our possession (whether in writing or orally) will be regarded as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or released to any other person, in whole or in part without our prior written consent.
  8. If, at any time following receipt of instructions to act we have any reason to believe that the party under observation or the subject of enquiry has become aware of the surveillance and/or enquiry we will withdraw immediately and notify you. We agree that, at that stage, we will seek further instructions.